"Political Art, today?" - Art Window Project - Stockholm 1993-94

Julie Jones

Carl Stevenson

Cornford & Cross

Sean Taylor

Chila Kumari Burman

Christina Berry

Anne Gardiner

Fanny Adams

Roderick McIntosh


Geoffrey Cox

Patrick McBride

Simone Stoll

Ines Rae

M Fuirer & M White

no.100022 is a contribution to the debate of how, and where, "political art" is to be posed today. As the project is generally focused on the question of how (and if) art could become politicized, our ambition is to cover as multiple perspectives (geographically and politically) as possible, rather than focus on any particular theme. Although of particular interest in the project is work that is done with the aim to broaden frameworks and criteria of contemporary artistic practice, reexamines the binary oppositions of art and politics, is engaged in a critical relationship with the dominant discourses and seeks to challenge the limits of "mainstream art" by scrutinizing stereotypes and myths.

The notion "political art", to us, also calls in question issues concerning the art-profession in a wider sense (treatment of art, commercialization, conventional exhibition management etc.); in focus here is the possibilities for art to have any broader social impact and current needs to understand the politics that affect arts access to an audience. We believe that an uninstitutional frame should allow for unusual approaches and our intention is to provide the project with a "spontaneous" element (partly expressed in short-term exhibitions) opposed to conventional major undertakings in the exhibition business. It is also our choice to focus on individual practices and one artist at a time.

Artists who bring issues forward!”

A quotation from the invitation to artists for project no.100022 - Political Art, today?

The project was run 1993-94 by Marie Odenstrand and Mats Selén. Since 1986 the couple have curated several art projects in Stockholm - Selén & Odenstrand Gallery and Crucial Point AB.
Västmannagatan 73 1986-89
Riddargatan 38 1989-91
Sven Vintappares gränd 3 1991-96
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Oscar Van

Al Johnson

Jeramy Turner

Artur Bujak

Andreas Seltzer

Mary Ellen

Ridgeway &

Alice Maude-

Arlette Garcia

Ivan Rados

Deborah Mulvenna

Eight Video